Home Spirit certified Origin France Garantie

The management of Home Spirit, René-Jacques Dufour and Eric Delpierre, are proud to announce that they have obtained the Origine France Garantie certification for our models of fixed sofas in French fabrics: Mikado, Sweet, Newlin, Massaï, and many more. other possibilities.*

This certification rewards our commitments and aims to promote production in France and our industrial and artisanal know-how.

Congratulations to our teams!

The objectives of the Guaranteed France Origin

The Origine France Garantie (OFG) certification was created in 2011 on the initiative of MP Yves Jégo as part of a report on the France Brand. It is supported by the Pro France association, made up of a group of business leaders in charge of promoting this approach, led by its president Gilles Attaf, a fervent defender of the French textile industry.

What does the OFG label mean to you?

The purpose of the Origine France Garantie label is to provide the consumer with clear, transparent and understandable information about the origin of our products.

Where the self-declared mentions "made in France" tend to be sometimes overused and used without validation, the Origine France Garantie label makes it possible to give meaning to this, it is the only label attesting to the French origin of a product.

To meet the Origine France Garantie certification, the Home Spirit brand meets specifications based on two major fundamental criteria:

1 - The place where the product takes on its essential characteristics is located in France

2 - At least 50% of the unit cost price of the product is acquired in France.

This certification is transversal, regardless of the sector, and is carried out by an independent certifying body). It guarantees our consumers the traceability of our sofas by giving a clear, objective and indisputable indication of origin.

FCBA 2201300*

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